Central Automotive Products Ltd. Privacy Policy

We consider that information that can identify an individual including our customers (hereinafter "Personal Information") is a valuable asset of individuals and we implement the following measures as our social responsibility. We treat them as our basic policy for Personal Information, let our officers and employees be aware of them, and strive for secure implementation of them.

■Compliance with laws, regulations and rules

We comply with laws, regulations and other rules related to Personal Information.

■Establishment of code of conduct and continuous improvement

We establish a code of conduct regarding the proper handling of Personal Information and implement according to it. We regularly conduct an audit regarding the implementation and operation and strive for continuous improvement.

■Main purposes of using Personal Information

  1. Upon questionnaire surveys by postal mail, phone e-mail, etc., we use for the purpose of study of product development or measure of improvement of customer satisfaction, etc.
  2. When receiving opinions about our goods, our services or others by e-mail, phone etc., we use Personal Information associated with such as a reference for product development or planning measures for services.

■Respect for rights

We respect the rights of the individual to Personal Information. If a person requests a notice of purpose of use regarding his/her Personal Information, we will, without delay notify such to the person. If a person wants a revision, addition, etc. regarding his/her Personal Information, we will accept such according to the prescribed procedure, within a reasonable period, and to the extent appropriate.

■Handling of Personal Information

  1. In the event that we collect Personal Information, we will collect Personal Information to the extent necessary after making the purpose of collecting clear. We will use the Personal Information we collect within the scope of the purpose of collecting and we will properly manage such to prevent against information leakage etc.
  2. In the event that we outsource business activities regarding Personal Information, we will clearly determine the contents of use, range of use, method of management, etc.
  3. We do not disclose or provide Personal Information we collect to any third party without the prior approval of the person to whom the Personal Information relates unless it is permitted by laws or regulations or there is a request of disclosure from a public agency such as a court or the police.

■Implementation of safety measures

We implement reasonable measures of safety against unauthorized access to Personal Information, loss, destruction, manipulation or leakage etc. of Personal Information in order to secure the accuracy and safety of Personal Information.

■Regarding Personal Information we collect

  1. Sales related operations
    We keep names, names of companies, affiliations, positions, phone numbers, e-mails addresses, etc. in order to make contact with customers. We keep names, addresses, contact phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. to provide customers with proper services or information.
  2. Employment related operations
    We keep names, addresses, contact phone numbers, e-mail addresses, resumes, etc. to make contact with persons who want to be hired by us or to examine candidates.
  3. IR related operations
    We keep names, addresses, contact phone numbers, etc. in order to send information properly to the main investors.
  4. In addition to the above
    we retain employee information for the purpose of benefit packages and employee management.

■Response to inquiries etc.

We will sincerely respond to complaints, inquiries, etc. regarding the handling of Personal Information.
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April 1, 2013
Central Automotive Products Ltd.
President, Representative Director: Shinichiro Sakata